Thank you,

I've enjoyed hearing (mostly) positive reviews from people enjoying a something that I've poured sweat, money and tears into (though, not into the final product thankfully). For some, this has been the only thing they can get down, or the only Powdered Food that didn't cause gastro-intestinal stress. That's no mistake! A lot of research has gone into making Jackalent what it is today.

Unfortunately, there's been issues. I came into this without an accountant, which isn't very bright for something with so much overhead - so the operation was working at a loss for a while. This caused a cascading effect of issues, primarily surrounding fulfilment times. Though the recent price increase was altering that - things were a bit too far gone, and orders were still not getting out in a timely fashion. A reset is needed - actually a reset was needed months ago.

This isn't the end, I've learned a lot over this time. I don't want to put a definite time-frame on the return as to not do anything rushed or half-baked.

For those with orders outstanding, they will be processed in the order that they were received, with love and care, as always. And, as always, feel free to email with any inquiries.

Jack Matier